Sena was a superb Turkish teacher who took me from a complete beginner when I came to Istanbul in 2007 through to sufficient proficiency that I even managed a short TV interview and gave presentations in Turkish to several hundred people by 2012. Not only was Sena able to teach the Turkish language with precision, her positive personality and energy kept me motivated and energised, even to do my homework! I thoroughly recommend Sena! Richard Carter

United Kingdom

Well I need to say a few words for my good teacher and friend Sena!! Sena is a very well organized and excellent teacher! She uses easy and fast ways to make you understand and learn easily! After a few lesson and a lot off Turkish serials I was capable to communicate very well!! Thank you Sena  Evie Apostolopoulou


I have taken private language lessons from Sena, since I needed to learn Turkish in order to develop the business of Italian companies which I worked in Turkey. It was vital for me to understand and speak Turkish, especially during meetings and conferences. Turkish itself is difficult, but it is even more difficult if you need it for doing business! Thanks to Sena, her knowledge of the language learning system, her attention in the preparation of the individual lessons, her flexibility in the planning of the lessons, her teaching method, I can now say ‘speak Turkish’ and I am much more confident in my business relationships.
The lessons are not only profitable but also very funny and are not boring at all! Sena is bright, energetic, compassionate. I would recommend her without reservation for any position or career that she may choose to pursue. Giuseppe Farina


I met Sena whilst I was living in Turkey as an expat working as a CEO and was looking to learn Turkish. Sena’s one to one sessions were excellent, her teaching method was informative and very constructive, she made each lesson interesting. I looked forward to my language class knowing that I was learning something during each session. I would personally recommend Sena as I believe she is an excellent tutor and made each session very enjoyable. Alex McNutt


Sena was my Turkish teacher when we lived in Istanbul through my husband´s work. I learned a great deal of Turkish though Sena. She is very knowledgeable, pleasant and fun to have as a teacher. I would recommend her to anyone. Johanna Widholm


The first shock I got after landing in Istanbul was the unknown native language and no English in most of the parts of the city. since I was going to be living here, this seemed a major problem which needed immediate action. I tried a few language schools where I could learn Turkish, but soon realised that they focused more on the grammar part whereas I needed elementary and basic skills. I was introduced to Sena, who immediately understood what I needed and helped me learn Turkish quickly. Sena is a superb teacher who understands her students needs. She makes lessons interesting, understandable and enjoyable. Sena teaches with ease and is one of the only ones with a lot of patience, which I certainly required while learning Turkish. I can say that thanks to Sena i could learn Turkish easily and quickly, making my Turkish stint livable and pleasant. So if you are looking for a Turkish teacher, go to Sena, she indeed is the best one out there. Raka Pracheta Satpathy


Sena was my tutor for 6 months while I was living in Istanbul. She was extremely patient and helpful, always willing to edit my written text as well as have slow-paced conversations with me. She made me flashcards with relevant vocabulary and worked with me to provide the 1-on-1, intensive tutoring experience I was so eager to find and that I wanted, especially following courses in crowded classes at both Tomer and Dilmer. She is a fabulous tutor and I highly recommend her! Talya Wyzanski

United States of America

Sena increased my level of Turkish from beginner’s level till I became a fluent speaker in less than a year. Her dedication and patience, with keen eye for grammatical detail have made sure I became more confident to speak publicly. Reading and writing were taught by countless essay writing exercises and day-to-day understandable reading of newspaper articles to have a perfect understanding of daily life. That helped me to become more involved in Turkish culture, politics and critical thinking. I still refer to Sena every time I receive comments on “being the most fluently Turkish speaking yabancı people have ever met”. Thanks Sena! Jeroen Verstraete


I was introduced to Sena while I was working in Istanbul. She came to my office twice a week and was very accommodating to my work schedule. Although it was difficult to learn Turkish, the lessons were fun. She organized every lesson according to my needs and all lessons were well structured. She is energetic, open-minded and patient. I would personally recommend her as I believe she is a highly competent Turkish teacher who loves to teach. Cherie Hannam

New Zealand

Sena taught me Turkish in 2014. She tailored the lessons to my personal learning needs, including use of fun props like cue-cards. She also taught me colloquial techniques that were super valuable in real life situations and not usually possible in online or large group classes. I couldn’t recommend her any more highly!!! My confidence today in the language is all due to her patience, adaptability and brilliant skill as a teacher. Matthew Smith

United Kingdom

Sena is really a good teacher and friend. She does her job with full dedication and hard work. She helped me a lot when I came to Turkey 4 years back. She not only taught me Turkish but also make me the practice of speaking fluently. She is punctual and knows the value of time which I like most about her. She is also frank and kind-hearted with children. Moreover, she is a good person also. Keep it up Sena. Swati Jain


I would absolutely recommend Sena as a Turkish teacher! I needed Turkish for academic reasons, so grammar was important to me. Sena helped me through one of the most difficult phases in learning the Turkish language — the dreaded passives and causatives — and I still remember her lessons after many years! Her lessons were fun and full of energy, and the types of activities we did were always varied. Alex Balistreri


“Language is power and how we use it defines us”

Gyles Brandreth