Did You Know?

Interesting facts about turkish language

Turkish was first spoken on the territory of today’s Mongolia over 1,200 years back.

Turkish is spoken in more than 30 countries, enough to make it the 12th most widely spoken language in the world.

Turkish language has 15 million native speakers in Europe.

Even if you are a beginner in Turkish, you can easily make a sentence just by following the subject + object + verb structure.




th most speaking

“The English word ‘coffee’ was derived from the Turkish word ‘kahve’. Just because Turkish brewing is the oldest method of coffee preparation.”

“Yoghurt is the same word almost all around the world and it is a Turkic word, coming from the original ancient Turkish.”

“If you have knowledge of Turkish language, you will have better understanding of Japanese, because both language come from the Altaic group.”

Turkish has a different structure and requires new learners to stop and think a little before they speak. The flexibility of the language allows for many things to be expressed more concisely than any other language.